17 March 2014

Here am I Lord. Photoshop me.

I live with a houseful of photographers. It is rare on any given day not to find at least one of my daughters or my wife with a camera in hand. I cannot begin to count the number of photos we have of the “perfect” sunset, a family outing, or just a lazy day spent at the house.  And when we have those memorable (or even not-so-memorable) days, guaranteed one of the ladies in my home has captured it in digital brilliance.
Why is this so important to them?  Because photos are a reflection of life.  We will look back on those photographs years from now and remember the good ole days. If we’re really blessed, others will look back on our photographs after we’re gone and remember those days as well.
Those pictures are not “us”, but merely a reflection of who we are and what we’ve done. They are pictures merely printed to paper. (Yes, I know, I’m really showing my age now!) As Christians, we are literally a portrait of the Christ, a reflection of God’s image to a lost and dying world; who He is and what He has done. So I ask you, what does your portrait look like? 
Now, let me pause right here for a minute and stop you before you run to your closet to grab a long skirt or necktie.  I am not talking about outward appearance — at all!  I am talking about you…as a person…not what you wear.  When the world looks at you, the real you, what do they see?  What are they supposed to see?
Christ told us in John 13 that men will know we are His disciples when we have love for one another.  Yes, it’s that simple. Are we reflecting God’s love?
If you are like me, I can think of numerous occasions when my “portrait” of Christ is a bit distorted.  In my attempt to complete my to-do list, I get snappy with someone who is not moving fast enough. Or maybe in my quest for some downtime, I neglect to give to my neighbor. There are lots of things that are screaming for our attention everyday, even well-intentioned things, but if…"I speak with the tongue of men and angels and have not love, I have become a sounding brass or a clanging cymbal."  (Yes, it’s true — you can’t post on love without referencing I Cor. 13!)
Thankfully, we do not have to stay this cloudy, blurry mess of God’s reflection.  God is in the business of Photoshopping — in the loosest sense of the word.
My wife’s favorite hobby is actually not catching that perfect moment on film.  If Michelle is truly in her element, she is restoring damaged or aged photographs.  I have watched her take a torn photogragh and restore it one pixel at a time. She has removed coffee stains, tucked in shirts, and fixed hair faux pas, all with a stroke of a computer mouse. 
I’ve also watched God do amazing things. I’ve seen him take this damaged, weathered portrait and modify me to His image. I’ve watched him remove anger, bitterness and fear and add in love, joy, peace and patience.  Does it anger me that God is changing me?  Not at all!   Is a customer angered when they pick up their photographs only to find Michelle has made changes?  Not at all! I know my shortcomings.  I know my failures.  I know when I fall short of reflecting God’s love to the world.  But rather than get overwhelmed, I instead need to stop and pray…”Here am I Lord. Photoshop me.” 

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